Hypnobirthing Workshops & Group classes for Mothers and Partners



Our goal is to find the balance between traditional and modern births.

Welcome to Balanced Hypnobirthing. We provide classes to educate women and partners on the philosophy and physiology of birth, and that birth can be a calm, positive and beautiful experience.

Using the Hypnobirthing method you’ll learn techniques of relaxation and breathing, along with how your partner can best support you through one of the most special days of your lives.

Studies have shown that when a woman feels relaxed,

safe and supported during birth, she is:-



to have an




to have an




to require

Forceps Delivery



to request

Pain Relief



Our One-To-One option we come to you, in the comfort of your own home, and spend either 1 day, or 2 x half days with you and your partner.


Our Group Classes are held monthly. We recommend attending anytime from 26 weeks of pregnancy.

Balanced Hypnobirthing courses will help you and your partner:-

  • Empower you to make the best choices for your family
  • Teach you how to achieve deep relaxation through breathing and? visualisation techniques
  • Give your birth partner a vital role of support by educating how to be the best advocate for your birth
  • Preparing your birth plan and hospital visits
  • Preparing you for when labour does not go as planned
  • Preparing you for parenthood

Hypnobirthing is for every mother, whether you’re induced,

having a VBAC, or require a caesarean – the ultimate goal

is to bring your baby into the world in the most relaxed

and welcoming environments.


Hi, I’m Amy. I started Balanced Hypnobirthing to help mothers, and babies, have a better start to their lives together. Plain and simple.

I completed a Hypnobirthing course prior to the birth of my first child and I loved her birth, and subsequently loved my son’s birth also. In fact, when I was in hospital for my son’s birth, I had a midwife chase me down the hallway and stop me to tell me that she loved my daughters birth and tells everyone about it. It was like I was a rockstar!

Fast forward to sitting with other mums discussing births and I hear nothing but sad and bad stories. I was almost embarrassed to talk about my births as I had loved them and didn’t want to be the annoying person who had the positive story.

So here we are, I’m on a mission here to educate and change the birth stories of thousands of women (and their partners).


” …Highly recommend Amy…”

Such a great course….”

” .. it made me feel comfortable and look forward to our birth….”